Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Andrej Pejic- I remember when you were just a little boy/girl

Andrej Pejic has been getting a mountain of press lately and my friend oh jamie alerted me to these morons who commented on this article, seriously they are fucking idiots.
This also alerted me to a shoot I did way back in August 2008 this is a direct quote from my very talented photographer friend Peter Ryle "new kid at Chadwicks called Andrej, who is ridiculously pretty (almost a girl), it might be quite interesting to shoot him" Well I am sure you will all agree that Peter was well on the money with this one.

This was my second shoot EVER and I think Andrej's third, mind you he mentioned that his second had just been the cover of Oyster, so after a freaked out yet excited look from Peter we kinda knew there would be some magic. Andrej is amazing and lighting up the international modeling scene with his original and unique look.
DONT BE A HATER. You wish you were that beautiful.

Photography: Peter Ryle
Styling: Jordan Moore