Wednesday, December 22, 2010

KANYE: phoenix : RUNAWAY

I am sure this film will divide opinion, I think its brilliant.

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Kanye West
I've finally realized as long as you use profanity when you talk about art and fashion it's better accepted!!!

I Couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BLUE VALENTINE - Its because I love you most of all....

Last night I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Blue Valentine (thanks to tups).
WOW it was really intense and I found myself clenching my hands together for most of it, but what an amazing film it really showed the changes I am sure many couples go through.
The epic highs and epic lows of many a relationship, it kinda slapped me in the face a bit.
The performances were brilliant and Michelle Williams is a genius.
The light, cinematography were just beautiful, and the subtle explanations of how they got to where they are is excellent, the characters feel real, its almost like your a voyeur looking in on a relationship in all its complexities.
Be Prepared its not exactly what you might think its going to be, but Derek Cianfrance spent 12 years developing the film and it shows, one of the best i've seen in a while.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We're Back!

The Spirit of The Black Dress is back again for another year bigger and better than ever.
Entries are now OPEN so all you talented emerging designers get your beautiful creations to us!
This year we will feature as part of LMFF; an exhibition, runway and film adding a few new creative dimensions. We have also upped our sustainability guidelines so be sure to read the requirements carefully.

Our exciting and exceptional photographer and film maker to be announced next week and be prepared; we are in good company.

All the info is here

2010- Photographer Jaclyn Adams

2009- Photographer Christian Blanchard

Little Girl Crush- Elle Fanning

For Twelve Elle Fanning has a pretty good thing going on, sister of actress Dakota Fanning, it seems acting talent runs in the family.

Recently starring in Sopfia Copolla's latest project 'Somewhere' alongside Stephen Dorff (who I am totally looking forward to checking out!) she seems to have her head screwed on even though she is missing 5 teeth.
Her first impressions of the Chateau Marmont? "Am I walking where Marilyn Monroe walked?"
See a great interview by Lauren Tabach-Bank for Interview Magazine here.

Images by Steven Pan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Andrej Pejic- I remember when you were just a little boy/girl

Andrej Pejic has been getting a mountain of press lately and my friend oh jamie alerted me to these morons who commented on this article, seriously they are fucking idiots.
This also alerted me to a shoot I did way back in August 2008 this is a direct quote from my very talented photographer friend Peter Ryle "new kid at Chadwicks called Andrej, who is ridiculously pretty (almost a girl), it might be quite interesting to shoot him" Well I am sure you will all agree that Peter was well on the money with this one.

This was my second shoot EVER and I think Andrej's third, mind you he mentioned that his second had just been the cover of Oyster, so after a freaked out yet excited look from Peter we kinda knew there would be some magic. Andrej is amazing and lighting up the international modeling scene with his original and unique look.
DONT BE A HATER. You wish you were that beautiful.

Photography: Peter Ryle
Styling: Jordan Moore

LMFF Face 2011- ITS Angel Parrish she has come a long way from summer bay!

Grey is actually a great colour

Last weekend on a cold and well, crappy grey day I had the great privilege of working with my boy Benn Jae, who has recently taken the huge but timely leap from Hair & Make Up genius to talented photographer.
Already represented by DLM Benn has been shooting up a storm in LA LA Land with the likes of M.I.A and our favorite party girl making ankle bracelets chic, Lindsay Lohan.
Here is an out take from our shoot with the super HWAT Chelsea Scanlan straight off the jet from NYC.
So on a stormy afternoon Hair and Makeup master Blondie, bleached Chelsea's brows and we threw her into the onslaught of rain wind and cold on a beach (just to make her life easier) shooting 10 looks in 2 hours it was a POW WOW session with awesome results, coming to a magazine near you!

Chelsea wears/ Alexander Wang pants / Alexander Wang Shirt (worn underneath) / Christopher Kane T-shirt / Jeffery Cambell Shoes @ Zomp

Photography: Benn Jae @ DLM
Styling: Jordan Moore @ Miss Bossy Boots
Hair & Makeup: Blondie @ Agent 99
Model: Chelsea Scanlan @ priscillas
Location: FUCKING COLD!!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Last week I was invited by the beautiful ladies at 'Muther Of All Things' to preview their first collection of 'Wet Fashion', a term coined to describe their take of fashion forward surf and swim wear for the lady folk. MOAT was created by Marisa Sidoti & Joceline Godfrey they say "MUTHER OF ALL THINGS is born from the desire to create WET FASHION for the modern day surf diva, drawing on inspiration from their surf culture lifestyle and home town Byron Bay."

The event took place at the Melbourne residence of famed Australian artist David Bromley who collaborated on the launch by also introducing his own surfboard designs (look out for them in the film below).

The runway show was just beautiful but what really blew me away was the media showing of the 'Muther Of All Things' film, directed by beautiful film maker Gemma Lee she captured the essence of the label perfectly.