Friday, October 15, 2010



SPOOK Issue IV hits shelves last week of October, featuring:

Shoots with:

Fashion by

Keep your eyes peeled available at MAG NATION/BORDERS/Online/Newsagents across Australia & NZ/Barnes & Nobel USA

Faux Designer??

I used to be annoyed at the designer capsule collections that chain stores featured, I felt it was defacing the art of design and I felt like the designers were 'selling out'. The first time I saw this I was in London circa 2004 and Karl Largerfeld designed a collection for H&M. I reeled in disgust when Stella McCartney designed for Target in Australia and bogans stormed the store to get their hands on 'Designer'. This of course was years ago and well before the economic crisis.
Three years later I changed my tune when Kate Moss for Topshop hit the shop floor, maybe this was due to my love of Kate Moss although I probably loved Karl Largerfeld just as much. Her stuff (or the collection designed under her namesake) was pretty great and three years on its still going strong.
I consider Lanvin the epitimy of design and I will forever wish for a wardrobe full of Alber Elbaz spectacular designs, so I am in two minds about Lanvin for H&M.

It hits store November 23rd and will be available for a preview online on November 2nd. I guess I will wait and see.


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blue Valentine

I cant wait to see this movie:

Dream Catcher


Zipporra Seven
Fabienne Vanderhaeghen

Skye Stracke

Amelia Brown

Rosie Tupper

So I recently trawled the streets of New York with Christian Blanchard and Benn Jae to spend 2 days shooting the most beautiful Australian and New Zealand girls possible.

We went to their New York homes and got to know a bit about them while creating some stunning images.
The girls were just beautiful and it was great to hear of their different experiences in New York.
Keep your eyes peeled for the final images coming to a Magazine near you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ga Ga bla bla

As much as I love Ga Ga my heart will always belong to Roisin, she was avant garde pop way before Ga Ga. Moloko released 'sing it back' in 1998 I was 17 at the time, fast forward 10 years and Roisin fucking blew my mind! Seeing her live in 2008 with the most amazing costumes and HATS!! As well as a kick arse performance.

I found these images of her pregnant and looking well spectacular. Sorry but Demi on the cover of Vanity Fair circa 1991 has nothing on this!
Shot by Dancian earlier this year.