Monday, September 27, 2010

like pegs in a row

today I lived a dream

So today I lived a dream... Here in New York I sourced from the most amazing Vintage collection I have ever seen! I was pleasantly immersed in the world that is NEW YORK VINTAGE.
I even got to rummage through their private collections, oscar dresses and all.
I was there to source for a shoot I am doing tomorrow with Australia and New Zealand's freshest model faces.
I cant wait to wrap those beautiful creatures into some real deal dresses.

Light as a....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

She is FRANKly fucking amazing

So I was browsing an NY news stand the other day and picked up Tokion Magazine (its one of my favorites) and came across a great editorial looked a bit closer and BAM I realized it was my very talented friend 'She Is Frank' gracing those pages. Of course I sent my Iphone snaps straight to her inbox.
Frank is no bullshit, she's got balls for a lady, her work is unafraid and sometimes unrestrained (in a good way).

This girl is gonna fly!

You became my summer song

I saw Wild Nothing play at the Bowery Ballroom last month, they were just beautiful and 'chinatown' will forever remind me of my first New York summertime.

blame it on the rain

'Ally Cats' for Dazed and Confused. Lauren Brown, Ali Carr, Lisanne de Jong, Lia Serge and Emily Wake ...... Meow bitches

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I fell in love this morning with Wackerhaus the danish label was established in 2003 their AW11 collection 'Shuriken' is outta control.